Non Fungible Raffles

We use Non Fungible Tokens minted on the blockchain to function as Raffle tickets for physical and digital art, collectibles, and other rare objects.

How Does It Work?

1.) To participate in the raffle, click on the piece you are interested in to purchase the corresponding NFT Raffle Ticket.

2.) After all tickets are sold or burned, a Random Number Generator will determine the winning NFT Raffle Ticket by edition number.

3.) The Wallet Address holding the winning NFT Raffle Ticket will recieve a unique 'Winners NFT' which will have unlockable content allowing the winner to claim the piece.

Current Live Raffles

Below you can participate in one or all of the NFT Raffles hosted across several different blockchain NFT marketplaces.

  • All
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Tezos
  • Cardano
  • Near

REM Drifter

Artist: Spencer Smith

'Tiger Face'

Artist: Jason Bild Smith

Artist: Natassia Wilde

Artist: Natassia wilde

'Lost Sunrise'

Artist: Joshua Phillips

'Red River'

Artist: Steph Chen